Sheila Fitzpatrick - Testimonials

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"Sheila was wonderful at helping me through the process of selling my practice.

I would never have gotten the deal I did without her help. She shepherded me through meetings with my veterinary accountant and lawyer, as well as all the communications with the corporations and mounds of reports and paperwork. I feel lucky to have met her!"

Nan Boss DVM, Best Friends Veterinary Center

"Working with Sheila on the purchase of our second practice was wonderful.

It felt like every day there was always some crisis or new thing that no one expected but Sheila was always on top of solving it. She came with research, data, and solutions and she has never met a dead end. And as a bonus, she is always kind and professional and cares a great deal about what she does. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and I would hands down use Sheila as a broker again."

Amy Sword-Hewes, RVT, Chief Operations Officer / North Powers Animal Hospital / Airway Veterinary Hospital

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